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Thanks to a generous donation, a small cohort of Cal Poly Scholars received funding to study in the Cal Poly in London Program in summer 2022 (though originally slated for summer 2020!). The Global Scholars represented four colleges and six majors. The funding was provided to promote access to study abroad. Student quotes highlight their experiences this summer:  

“It was an incredible experience to visit places I had only read about in books. I feel like my horizons have been expanded so much and I want to do my best to pursue a career that will allow me to continue to travel and immerse myself in other cultures.” 

“Study abroad…is often the first time students are away from their home country and family for that long. It allows for self-discovery and a sense of independence through learning about a different side of the world. It’s important for us to step outside of our American bubble and be more aware of the world.” 

“Studying abroad allowed me to not only learn academic concepts, but also life concepts. I learned more about who I am when I leave home and am on my own. You truly learn so much more about yourself.”


When scholarship recipients were asked if they would recommend this program to others, all respondents said yes! 

When recipients were asked about what advice they’d give others thinking about doing this program the common theme was “Go for it!” and “It will be worth it!”