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Diversity Action Plan

Diversity Statement

In our efforts to bring more of the world to Cal Poly and Cal Poly to the world, we strive to 1) actively increase access to study abroad so that every Cal Poly student is able to undertake a significant international experience during their degree program (a high-impact practice); 2) facilitate and strengthen a campus climate that openly welcomes and supports diverse populations of international students and scholars; 3) collaborate with faculty on the internationalization of the curriculum; and 4) support the creation of programs, experiences and trainings that foster intercultural competency and cultural humility.

Summary of Goals

1. Increase study abroad accessibility to underrepresented student populations and promote ethical programming and participation.

2. Align Cal Poly International Center work with the Graduation Initiative and campus climate efforts to support, retain and graduate diverse groups of students.

3. Provide resources and support for faculty in internationalizing the curriculum.

4. Develop innovative programming and partnerships to attract more diverse students from abroad to Cal Poly.

5. Enhance training to facilitate intercultural competency and cultural humility.

Review the Plan

View a copy of the complete Cal Poly International Center Diversity Action Plan.

International Student Orientation

Next Steps

International Students

Enhanced programming; offer international student inclusivity workshop as annual opportunity for faculty/staff; finalize exit survey for international students; ongoing analysis of retention and graduation data.

Study Abroad

Publish GE course approvals through Terra Dotta system linking approvals to study abroad programs; collaborate to move GE and major/support course approvals to e-signature forms; advocate for curriculum mapping of study abroad by department; provide virtual exchange support.


Advocate for additional grants and scholarships for international students and study abroad students.


Support efforts in internationalizing the curriculum as campus moves to a semester model. Provide enhanced support for students underrepresented in international programming.


Collaborate on workshops and trainings to promote cultural competency and humility.


Review and update data annually to determine how we are progressing toward our goals.