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International Programs Committee

The primary purpose of the International Programs Committee is to review and recommend for approval of the Cal Poly International, for-credit study programs. This includes an evaluation of the mode of instruction and academic standards of each program, taking into account the international context and appropriate learning outcomes. Budgetary oversight, as well as the review of health and safety considerations, are outside of the primary functions of this committee, though taken into consideration in assessing the general strength of program proposals. The committee will evaluate the co-curricular elements and the overall merit of the program proposals/reviews to ensure they meet Cal Poly, CSU and international education industry standards. The committee provides advice to faculty members, departments, and colleges proposing for-credit study abroad opportunities for Cal Poly students and establishes guidelines for these programs. This committee will review new program proposals as well as existing programs on a rotating basis to facilitate and support the growth of excellent international study programs that meet and enhance the strategic needs of the institution.

Membership 2019-20

Name Representing Phone Email
Jessica Carson Academic Programs & Planning 756-2326
Yiwen Chiu College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Sciences,
Natural Resources Management & Environmental Sciences
Don Choi College of Architecture & Environmental Design 756-2490
Ahmed Deif Orfaela College of Business 756-1213
Krista Kauffmann College of Liberal Arts, English 756-1257
Gary Laver GE Governance Board 756-2538
Josh Machamer
College of Liberal Arts 756-5560
Nathaniel Martinez College of Science & Math 756-2185
Ruby Moz Office of the Registrar 756-5756
Bing Qu College of Engineering 756-5645
John Thompson Academic Senate 756-2094
Cari Vanderkar, Ph.D.
(ex officio)
Assistant Vice Provost for International Programs
Cal Poly International Center

International Advisory Council

The primary functions of the International Advisory Council (IAC) are to inform and support the director of the International Center in the formation and implementation of a comprehensive internationalization strategy for Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and to assist in providing better coordination of international engagement across campus and within the local community.

Membership 2019-20

Name Position Phone Email
Tom Bensky
College of Science & Mathematics
Bridget Benson
Past Vice Chair
College of Engineering, Electrical Engineering
Academic Council for International Programs Representative
Cesar Torres Bustamante College of Architecture & Environmental Design
Landscape Architecture
Charles Chadwell
Vice Chair
College of Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering 756-1317
Javier de la Fuente Orfalea College of Business
Industrial Technology
Margot McDonald
Past Chair
College of Architecture & Environmental Design
Beth Merritt Miller Staff At-Large
Assistant Vice Provost for University Advising
Jeta Rudi Polloshka College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Sciences
John Thompson Faculty At-Large
College of Liberal Arts, World Languages & Culture
Roxana Tunc Staff At-Large
Assistant Director for International Recruitment & Admission
Cari Vanderkar, Ph.D.
(ex officio)
Assistant Vice Provost for International Programs
Cal Poly International Center
Ning Zhang Faculty At-Large
College of Liberal Arts, Political Science

Global Health & Safety Committee Contact List

Contact List: 2019-20

Name Title Phone Email
24 Hour Line University Police (805) 756-2281
Cari Vanderkar, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Provost for International Programs, Cal Poly
International Center
(805) 756-2945
(805) 756-1477
George Hughes University Police Chief (805) 756-6675
Kathleen McMahon Dean of Students (805) 756-0327
Judy Mitchell Assoc. Dir., International
Students & Scholars
(805) 756-5837
Sara Otis Study Abroad Coordinator
(Global Programs)
(805) 756-7321
Monica Schechter Assoc. Dir., Study Abroad (805) 756-5964
Dru Zachmeyer Assistant VP for Strategic
Business Support Services
(805) 756-6473
Dean of Students
On Call - after hours
Dean of Students (805) 821-1262

As needed:

Name Title Phone Email
Chris Climer Study Abroad Advisor (805) 756-1404
David Groom Assistant Dean of Students for OSRR (805) 756-2794
Tina Hadaway-Mellis AVP Campus Health
& Wellbeing
(805) 756-1211
Maren Hufton Director Equal Opportunity /
Title IX Coordinator
(805) 756-1400
Keith Humphrey Vice President for Student
(805) 756-1521
Matt Lazier Director of Media Relations (805) 756-7109
Chuck Petranek International Trip Advisor (805) 756-1411
Patricia Ponce University Ombuds (805) 756-1380
Geneva Reynaga-Abiko Director of Counseling
(805) 756-2511
Brian Tietje Vice Provost International,
Graduate & Extended Ed
(805) 756-1757
David Valadez Director of Budget and
(805) 756-2668
Robin Webb University Legal Counsel (805) 756-5530


Name Description Web Address
U.S. Embassy for Appropriate Country Public announcements or travel warnings
Center for Disease Control & Prevention Medical emergency or disease outbreak