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The Cal Poly International Club is a social club for international students and American students who are interested in meeting international friends and exploring the USA together.

Our events throughout the year include camping trips, local hikes, beach parties, potluck dinners, visits to SLO Farmer's Market, pumpkin carving at Halloween, and whatever else students decide they want to do.

How can I learn more about upcoming events?

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Meet the International Club Officers


Emily Granger

Hello! I am Emily and I am a senior studying kinesiology. I am a SLO County local and when I am not studying I love to hike, read, snowboard, and backpack. However, my favorite thing to do is to travel because I love experiencing different cultures from around the world. I absolutely love meeting new people and learning about where each individual comes from. While traveling abroad I have met some amazing people who made me feel at home. I joined International Club because I want to contribute to the experience of international students at Cal Poly and help you feel at home here. As the President, my goal is to connect internationals with each other, locals, and the area so they can hopefully build lasting friendships and feel more at home while studying in SLO.

Vice President

Teresa Deng

Hi! I'm Teresa, a second year Industrial Engineering student from China. I met many awesome people last year through iClub activities; I shared my studying abroad experience with them and also learned a lot from their experiences. Therefore, I decided to get involved as an officer to meet more people of different cultures, throw some exciting events, as well as help international students adapt to life at Cal Poly!


Zejun Zhao

My name is Zejun Zhao and I am a 4th year civil engineering major student at Cal Poly. I was born and raised in China until I was 17 years old when I had a chance to go to high school in Phoenix, AZ as an exchange student. Fascinated by the American culture and its education system, I then decided to pursuit my college diploma here at Cal Poly based on its "learn by doing" philosophy. Aside from school, I play basketball, soccer, or just anything sport-related. I also enjoy hiking in many scenic trails in SLO and I am always looking for the next adventure. The main reason for me to join the I-Club is to meet more people from around the globe and get to know their unique culture. At the same time, another reason I decided to be part of this club is that I understand how difficult it is to settle down to a new environment so if you need any help, please don't be hesitate to ask me. I am sure there is a lot more you want to know and talk about, so don't be shy. Shoot me an email or come meet me in person. I can be reached at, I look forward to meeting y'all!



We are still looking for a student to fill this position. Email if you are interested in applying!

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