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J-1 Visa Processing Guidelines

Initial Appointment

Academic Department obtains authorization from the Dean or VP of Student Affairs (as appropriate) to sponsor a non-citizen Exchange Visitor (EV). The EV will teach or perform research with compensation (Lecturer or Research Fellow) or without compensation (Volunteer) on a temporary, short term basis. The International Center will prepare the Form DS-2019 which the EV will use to apply for a J-1 visa. DS-2019’s will be prepared no earlier than six months prior to the program start date.

  1. Dean’s Office:

    • Contacts Susan Tripp or Judy Mitchell in Cal Poly International Center and provides email address of EV and contact information of the Mentor
    • Offers position via a written letter of offer. Two letters with original signature from Dean are sent to EV (one for Consulate, one to sign and return for acceptance). Refer to sample letters found on the Information for Departments page.
    • Assigns a mentor or student intern supervisor and asks mentor to complete Mentor or Student Intern Supervisor Agreement and send to Cal Poly International Center
    • If Salaried:

      • Forwards offer letters, AP-101 form, and PAF to Academic Personnel for review and processing
      • Enters applicant info into PeopleSoft
      • Forwards copy of offer letter approved by Academic Personnel to Cal Poly International Center with DS-2019 Request Form to Cal Poly International Center for processing
    • If Volunteer:

      • Sends a copy of the offer letter and DS-2019 Request Form to Cal Poly International Center for processing
      • Requests EV complete and sign the HR V-1 form (DOC)
      • Sends completed V-1 form and offer letter to Academic Personnel for entry into PeopleSoft
  2. Exchange Visitor:

    • Per request from department – completes, prints and signs online Faculty Application Form in Cal Poly Applicant Job Site (no requisition – just save, print, and sign application)
    • Completes DS-2019 Request Form and sends via email to Susan Tripp along with résumé or CV, proof of funds and copy of passport
    • Mails printed faculty application, DS-2019 Request Form, and current vitae to Dean’s Office
  3. Academic Personnel:

    • If Volunteer: enters EV into PS using offer letter and V-1 form information
    • Forwards V-1 to Risk Management
    • Informs academic department and Cal Poly International Center of Empl ID number for EV
  4. International Center:

    • Creates Cal Poly International Center file for the EV that contains copies of applicant materials and visa paperwork
    • Creates DS-2019 for EV and each accompanying dependent
    • Sends DS-2019 and transmittal memo to Dean’s Office to send to EV
    • E-mails EV web links to Handbook for J-1 Faculty & Scholars, Dept. of State Visa Application Forms, I-901 SEVIS fee instructions, photo instructions, and health insurance requirements
    • After AP enters EV into PeopleSoft, Cal Poly International Center will set up e-mail delivery address for Cal Poly email, and provide temporary password for portal access
  5. Mentor/Intern Supervisor:

    • Agrees to terms of Mentor Agreement or Intern Supervisor Agreement by signing agreement and sending to Cal Poly International Center
    • Ensures that EV adheres to J-1 visa criteria including checking in with Cal Poly International Center upon arrival
    • Assists EV with obtaining housing, academic services, and other logistics including schools for accompanying children
    • Creates DS-7002 Form for Student Interns and sends to Cal Poly International Center for signature

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Prior to Arrival

Exchange Visitor:

  • Signs both copies of the offer letter and returns one copy to the Dean’s Office
  • Signs V-1 Form if volunteer, and returns to Dean's Office
  • Signs DS-2019 prior to visa interview at consulate office
  • Pays SEVIS fee to Dept. of Homeland Security per I-901 Instructions
  • Applies for J-1 visa at U.S. Embassy or Consulate Office in preparation for travel to the U.S. (unless EV is a Canadian citizen entering from Canada)
  • Receives visa stamp in passport and travels to U.S. (if Canadian, no visa appointment of stamp is necessary)

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Upon Arrival

  1. International Center:

    • Meets with EV and family members
    • Verifies DS-2019 endorsement and visa stamp in passport
    • Makes a copy of visa stamp, passport, I-94, annotated DS-2019, evidence of health insurance coverage, and Social Security Card (if applicable) for Cal Poly International Center file and collects SLO address information
    • Validates program participation and updates address in SEVIS
    • Completes visa panels in PS
    • Forwards address and emergency contact information to Academic Personnel for PS entry
  2. Department or Dean’s Office:

    • If Salaried:

      • Sends EV to Payroll Services with SS card and visa documents to complete payroll sign-in process & obtain ID card
      • Updates local address information in PeopleSoft
    • If Volunteer:

      • Requests EV review and sign the Confidentiality-Security Policy Statement
      • Writes letter to PolyCard Office requesting a PolyCard. Gives letter to EV upon arrival to take to PolyCard Office. Do NOT use Affiliated Persons request process.

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Extension of Stay

  • Exchange Visitor requests extension of current visa status
  • Dean issues new letter of offer, HR Form V-1, and AP101 and sends to Academic Personnel for approval
  • At least one week before expiration of DS-2019, Dean’s office sends approved letter of offer to Cal Poly International Center with a request to extend the stay
  • Cal Poly International Center prepares new DS-2019 for EV and any dependents and updates visa panels in PeopleSoft
  • Exchange Visitor reports to Cal Poly International Center, receives new offer letter and DS-2019(s) and signs DS-2019 (This extends the J-1 visa status to all EV to remain longer in the USA, but does not allow entry to the USA after end date on J-1 visa stamp in passport.

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Bringing Dependents to the USA

  • EV provides to Cal Poly International Center the names, date of birth, country of citizenship, and relationship of the dependents accompanying him/her to the USA or coming later during his/her stay
  • Cal Poly International Center prepares DS-2019 for each family member so that they may apply for J-2 visa
  • All dependents on J-2 visas must show proof of health insurance

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