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Mission Statement

Cal Poly’s vision is to be the nation’s premier comprehensive polytechnic university, an innovative institution that develops and inspires whole-system thinkers to serve California and help solve global challenges. Cal Poly’s International Center is essential to that vision through its outstanding initiatives to bring more of Cal Poly to the world and more of the world to Cal Poly.

The primary mission of the Cal Poly International Center is to provide leadership and coordination for international activities and to serve as the principal catalyst for internationalization efforts at Cal Poly. The IC maintains administrative authority and university-wide oversight of international engagement, including international initiatives, programs, and activities supported by the campus.

International Center Committees and Membership

International Programs Committee

The primary purpose of the International Programs Committee is to review and recommend for approval the of Cal Poly international, for-credit study programs. This includes an evaluation of the mode of instruction and academic standards of each program, taking into account the international context and appropriate learning outcomes. Budgetary oversight, as well as the review of health and safety considerations, are outside of the primary functions of this committee, though taken into consideration in assessing the general strength of program proposals. The committee will evaluate the co-curricular elements and the overall merit of program proposals/reviews to ensure they meet Cal Poly, CSU and international education industry standards. The committee provides advice to faculty members, departments, and colleges proposing for-credit study abroad opportunities for Cal Poly students and establishes guidelines for these programs. This committee will review new program proposals as well as existing programs on a rotating basis to facilitate and support the growth of excellent international study programs that meet and enhance the strategic needs of the institution.

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International Advisory Council

The primary functions of the International Advisory Council (IAC) are to inform and support the Director of the International Center in the formation and implementation of a comprehensive internationalization strategy for Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and to assist in providing better coordination of international engagement across campus and within the local community.

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Crisis Response Team

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