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All course registration, fee payment, access to library contents, PolyLearn (Moodle) class assignments, grades, and a wealth of other information is conducted through the My.CalPoly web portal. If you do not have a username or password to access the portal, contact Susan Tripp. The Student Planning Calendar can help you plan your quarter.

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When to Register

All students must register online for their own classes. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of priority registration in future terms. Students are allowed to register with priority three times. The Enrollment Appointment Schedule tells you when you will be allowed to register for the current term. Look up the first three letters of your last name under New Students. Exchange students register earlier than other Cal Poly students under Special Exceptions so they do not have a priority registration option. There is important information about Cal Poly registration on the Office of the Registrar website. Please become familiar with these instructions and policies. Be sure to read announcements on the login page as those change weekly and also have important information for new students. Check your Cal Poly email account regularly for announcements from university faculty and administrators. Use PASS to plan your schedule and use CP Reg or the Student Center to enroll in your classes.

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How to Register

Registration is a two-step process. First, you will use PASS to plan your schedule. Then, you will use the Student Center to Register for classes. PASS tells you what courses are available for the term and has course descriptions and lists prerequisite or co-requisite course requirements. You may plan your class schedule using PASS. Access the "Registration and Enrollment" tab on the Cal Poly Portal and click on the Plan a Student Schedule (PASS) link to plan a schedule of courses you would like to take. Select courses by subject. Click on the "Details" link to get full course descriptions. The course descriptions will list Prerequisite Courses required prior to enrollment.

See the Enrollment Appointment Schedule for your time to register. Register for courses using the Student Center link on the "Main" Tab of the Cal Poly Portal or CP Reg on the "Registration & Enrollment" tab. Enter the 4-digit class number for each desired class section. The class number is listed in the Plan a Schedule (PASS) web site. During the initial registration period, you may register for up to 16 units. During open enrollment you may increase your enrollment to a maximum of 22 units, although you should not carry much more than 12 units per quarter during your first year at Cal Poly. You may add classes during the first week of instruction with special permission from the teaching staff. It is recommended to pre-register for your classes because it can be very difficult to add classes during the first week of school. You can access additional information about registering for classes from the Office of the Registrar. It is very important to register as early as possible to get the classes you want. All majors are impacted at Cal Poly. This means there are usually more students wanting seats in classes than there are seats available. If you are not registered in at least one class by the end of the early registration period, you will be charged a late registration fee of $25 when you register during open registration.

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Important Dates

The Student Planning Calendar can help you plan your quarter and keep you informed of deadlines.

  Courses in PASS Registration Begins Classes Begin Exams End
Winter 2017 October 24 November 7 January 9 March 24
Spring 2017 February 6 February 21 April 3 June 16
Fall 2017 May 1 May 8 September 14 December 8

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Course Selection

If you have questions about the classes that you should register for please contact your academic advisor or, if you are participating in a departmental exchange program, contact your Exchange Coordinator (PDF).

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Minimum Required Study Load

Students attending Cal Poly on F-1 or J-1 visa standing must carry a minimum number of units per quarter. Undergraduate students are required to carry at least 12 units per quarter and graduate students a minimum of 8 units of 400- or 500-level coursework per quarter. Students who encounter difficulty in carrying the minimum load, whether for academic, health, or personal reasons, should immediately contact the International Center. Before dropping below full-time enrollment, you must contact the International Student Advisor at 805-756-5837. Less than full-time enrollment is allowed for summer quarter for Cal Poly degree-seeking students. F-1 students must be approved for less than full-time enrollment for their final quarter at Cal Poly by submitting a completed Final Quarter Form to the International Student Advisor.

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Academic Advising

For assistance in selecting classes, contact the advising center for your college. Exchange students may seek academic advising from their Cal Poly Exchange Coordinator. CSU International Program (IP) exchange students should contact the advising centers for their majors. If you are participating in a departmental exchange, please ask your Cal Poly Exchange Coordinator for help clearing any prerequisite holds for classes within your major, or contact the department offering the course directly. A directory of departments can be found on the Cal Poly Portal.

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Payment of Quarterly Registration Fees

International students admitted to a Cal Poly degree program must pay non-resident tuition. This tuition is $248 per unit in addition to the quarterly registration fee. You will only be able to register for the number of units for which you have paid. For fee information, please go to the Payment Schedule site. Payments for fees can be made online with either check or credit card. To make online payments go to Cal Poly's Online Payment page. Information on fee payments can be obtained at the Student Accounts website. Not all credit cards are accepted by Cal Poly Cashiers. Some graduate students may be granted a waiver of non-resident tuition from Graduate Education.

Special note for exchange students: Exchange students pay their fees at the university in their home country. They do not pay Cal Poly tuition fees. They do pay for lab and material fees, housing, and books. Failure to pay fees will result in a registration hold and the inability to request a transcript of your coursework at Cal Poly.

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Health Insurance Registration Holds

In order to register for the upcoming quarter, you must have medical insurance coverage approved for the quarter for which you are registering. If you do not have coverage for the upcoming quarter, a medical hold will be placed on file and you will not be able to register for classes. Please make sure you either enroll in the CSU HealthLink insurance policy or that you renew your alternate health insurance policy for the quarter for which you are registering for classes. If you have obtained your own alternate health insurance policy which has been approved by the International Student Advisor, please bring to the Cal Poly International Center office an updated letter from the health insurance provider indicating the new coverage dates.

Please read more about the health insurance requirements on the Health Insurance page.

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Prerequisite Holds

If you see in PASS that the course you want to take has a prerequisite requirement that you have not taken at Cal Poly, you must show you have taken an equivalent course at another school. You may have to provide copies of course syllabi from these past courses and transcripts. For help clearing any prerequisite holds, please refer to your Cal Poly Exchange Coordinator (PDF) if you are participating in a departmental exchange. Contact Susan Tripp if you are unsure who your CPEC is. If you are on an F-1 visa or on a J-1 visa on the CSU IP exchange, please consult the Advising Center for your College or the Department Office offering the course. If you are granted permission to enroll in the course, you will be given a permission number by the department office or instructor. Enter this permission number on the registration screen in the Student Center where shown in this example. It is recommended that you begin the process to clear prerequisite holds as soon as you know your desired class schedule for the quarter. Permission numbers become available to the department offices as soon as courses appear in PASS. You may find contact information for department offices on the Cal Poly Portal on the Home tab in the Directory Information Portlet by using the Depts/Clubs/Units filter.

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General Holds

A "hold" may be placed on your record for department reasons or for other unsettled university obligations. You may be denied access to the registration systems, transcripts, use of facilities, services, materials, and campus credit until all holds have been cleared. The Health Center may place a hold for proof of vaccinations after enrollment for one year.

To view holds, click the Holds link found in the Student Center on the Cal Poly Portal.

To clear holds, students must contact the department responsible for placing the hold.

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