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Requesting an I-20 to attend Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

You will use the I-20 to apply for an F-1 visa in your home country, apply for a change of status from another visa type while in the USA, or to transfer your F-1 status from another U.S. school.

Degree-Seeking Students

After you have been admitted or conditionally admitted by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Office of Admissions, use the Visa Information Form for Degree Students to request your I-20 and submit supporting documents. Do NOT send forms or documents via e-mail or fax. Please do NOT send any documents to Cal Poly (including financial documents) until you have been admitted or conditionally admitted by Admissions.

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Changing Visa Type

Please notify the International Center if you need to change status to F-1 from another status while remaining in the USA. This requires a special "Change of Status I-20" and we can help you with the change of status application filing process. Submit a Visa Information Form for Degree Students online. If you are already an enrolled Cal Poly student, please submit form and also ask your Cal Poly academic advisor to email International Center with your expected graduation date or term. If you have any questions, please email the International Center to make a visa advising appointment.

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VISIT Cal Poly Program

If you have been admitted to the VISIT Cal Poly program, submit your supporting documents (proof of funds, English language proficiency, and copy of passport) along with  Visa Information Form for VISIT Students.

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F-1 Visa Students Transferring to Cal Poly

If you are already in F-1 visa status at another U.S. school, please complete the form for degree students or VISIT program students as described above, then follow these instructions to transfer your SEVIS record to Cal Poly.

Electronic Form Instructions

When you access the form, using the appropriate link above, you will be directed to the International Students and Scholars website.

  1. To log in, please choose the first option in the User Identification Wizard.
  2. Log in with your Cal Poly username and password and create your profile using your Cal Poly identity.
  3. Select your starting term at Cal Poly.
  4. Follow all instructions and submit all requested documents. Please allow at least two weeks for your request to be reviewed.

For assistance with any visa issues, please contact the International Student and Scholars staff.

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